Sharing in God's Love


Rev Dr Marion de Quidt
The Rectory
St John the Evangelist Church
London Road Hook.
RG27 9EG

Letter to all on the Electoral Roll or member of St John’s Church Family


Loving - Living - Serving

In Winchester Diocese this Lent season we are exploring how we are ‘Sharing in God’s Life’. Over the centuries Christians have made plans for their life, a bit like ‘new year resolutions’, to make priorities of the things that matter, and to make lifestyle choices that keep the best things at the top of personal and family life. Our reflection this Lent is around three themes: Loving (our personal choices) – Living (choices as we live with others) – Serving (how we offer our life in the public arena). This is a great opportunity for a spiritual MOT! We can ask ourselves, are we really flourishing in our lives? Are there changes we want to make?

Our whole lives are a gift

As part of our reflection I would like to invite each of us to consider our response to the

generosity and love of God. We are disciples of Jesus, and we want to follow him closely. It is wonderful when we are able to see our whole lives as a gift – gift of our friends and family, our talents, our time, our cars and homes and other possessions, as well as money.

Response to God’s gifts

Might I invite you to join in a few ways to reflect this Lent season? Do look overleaf to see the ideas we offer, but these are only suggestions! Firstly, you may like to join us in some new form of Lenten worship. We shall be prayerful and thoughtful as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ gift of himself at Easter. Secondly, you might like to join a midweek study group, and prepare your own ‘rule of life’ based on Loving, Living and Serving. Thirdly, let us all reflect on our places of service. How are we already reaching out as a church family? Is God leading us into anything new? Finally, might you review your financial giving to St John’s Church?

Thanksgiving for God’s gifts

On Mothering Sunday, 26th March, 10am, a part of the service will be dedicated to Thanksgiving for God’s gifts to us. We shall celebrate the full richness of our church family life, including our finances and our teamwork. Please don’t miss it!

‘All things come from you, O Lord, and of your own do we give you.’ 1 Chronicles 29.14
With my love and gratitude

Please turn over to see some ideas for reflection and action

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Ideas for Loving – Living – Serving

Loving God

How might I spend more time in prayer, learning, worship?

(midweek prayers, Sunday services, join a prayer or home group, Ash Weds at the beginning of Lent)

Serving the world God has given us

How am I already working to keep the environment, act against injustice, look after vulnerable people, share God’s good news?

(Is God prompting us to affirm what we are already doing, and to consider new ways to serve?)

Responding to God’s gift

How am I giving financially?

(Might you become a regular giver, or increase your regular gift to help the mission of St John’s?
We have planned giving envelopes or you can make a regular payment to the church bank account.

Both can be gift-aided to increase the value if you are a tax payer. Some Christians use the tithe principle = 10% of take home pay is given to God [local church & wider mission] Please do speak to Marion or Caroline)

Living with each other

How might I offer the special gifts that God has given to me in our church family?

(could I help serve coffee, make cakes, spend time listening to someone, offer a lift to church, make crafts for children, join a new group, start a new group, join the PCC, help with gardening or cleaning around the church, become a sidesperson?)

Responding to God’s gift

How am I sharing my time to say thank you to God?

(might you join a small group to think about our lifestyle)

How am I sharing my possessions? How am I sharing myself with my family?

Responding to God’s gift

Mothering Sunday - 26th March 10am a special service of celebration

We offer ourselves, our gifts, our time, our lives and say thank you to God for his goodness

What do I do next?

Write a note and pop it into the silver box as you come into church – your own ideas, gifts and thoughts, prayers, hopes, and thank yous! Let us know the places you serve God. Please be warmly welcomed into joining in with church life.

Speak to myself, Marion, or Church Wardens: Richard and Stephen, Church Treasurer: Caroline; Lay Ministers: Jonathan and Jennifer; or Curate: Mark... and let us know how you are getting on! 

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