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Church of England Guidance for COVID-19

Marion de Quidt, Rector phone number: 01256 763211 (with answerphone)
Local Pastoral Care telephone: 07793 078 062

The mobile contact number is monitored 24/7 for you to let us know your prayer requests and for any other support we are able to offer at this time.

Our normal pattern of worship is suspended until further notice as we minimise the opportunity for spread of coronavirus through our community. Although we are very sad not to be able to gather in one place for worship and prayer we are seeking to offer alternatives that people can join in with in a virtual context.  Small groups are meeting around the Benefice using modern technology and 'virtual fellowship'. Do please let us know if you would like to join in.

Unfortunately, in line with government recommendations, the church building is now CLOSED.   However, the church is the people - and the people are still working!



We are following the advice of the Church of England which means that the following is now in place until further notice:

1 No public meetings for worship – Sunday services are suspended and we will do our best to provide alternative ways of being a community of worshippers
2 We are exploring other ways of sharing ministry
See website for regular updates as well as our parish Facebook pages
3 Pastoral Visits – when someone is self-isolating we will offer phone support
4 Please use the contact number above to let us know your needs. OR please phone Marion on 01256 763211.
5 If pastoral visiting is necessary – we will take rigorous action to maintain health and hygiene; we will maintain social distancing
6 We encourage everyone to maintain good hygiene:
  • Hand washing regularly for a minimum of 20 seconds
  • Catch-it = Bin it = Kill it = do not touch your face
  • Good regular cleaning of all surfaces

Marion de Quidt, Rector of Whitewater Benefice, from Church of England guidance

Tuesday 24th March 2020