Walk Through Easter - 2016

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Children from our local primary school, Whitewater Church of England Primary school visited Rotherwick church and grounds to re-discover the story of the last week of Jesus’ life. The wonderful Open the Book story-telling team worked with Rev Marion to offer an interactive story-telling in eight scenes. Scene 1 ‘Hopes’ we talked about our hopes and dreams, as we remembered the excitement of Palm Sunday. Scene 2: ‘Servant King’ we remembered Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. Scene 3, around the Communion table was called ‘Remember me’, when we learned about the Last Supper, to remember the meaning of Jesus’ offering of himself. Scene 4, ‘Alone’, we learned about the Garden of Gethsemane. At Scene 5, ‘Denial’ we re-told the story of Peter’s unkindness, beside a lit brazier, and learned about God’s forgiveness. Back in Church we sat beside the Cross, Scene 6 ‘Sharing our Sorrows’, hearing the story of the crucifixion, we lit candles for people we know who are sad. Scene 7 ‘Rejoice!’ was outside, as we began to appreciate the good news of early on Easter Sunday morning, with the empty tomb, and then we created a poster on the pulpit. At the final Scene 8 ‘All things new’ the children wrote their own response to the Easter story. Thanks to Sandra Pickworth and Brigitte Maynes for organising, and all our creative and story-telling team.