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Audio Visual

This page is to tell you about our audio visual policies. 

Recording & Streaming of Services

At St John's we may stream or record services.  We do this, because we have found members of the congregation who would normally join us, but are unable to, appreciate being able to join us remotely.

Any service whose entry in the online calendar contains a Zoom link for participants will be streamed. We do this so that we can share our services online via Zoom with those who wish to join us from home. This is a live stream with no opportunity for editing and a risk that other participants may take their own recordings of the stream.

We may also record any services which are being live streamed, this is for:

  • for training purposes and to allow leaders, preachers, musicians of others to listen to themselves
  • occasionally all or part of a recording may be shared on our website or social media etc, but we will obtain consent in advance from those who are identifiable - for example you may see on this website puppet videos or sermons which have been recorded in this way

We are mindful of safeguarding concerns, and during services the images captured are of those leading the service.  If the congregation are in the image, it is the back of their heads.  Note that the streaming and recording of video is always disabled during communion. In some services, someone may take a microphone around for news, but the camera will stay where it is and does not move with the microphone.

If you are joining us for a service which is being streamed, and you do not want to be included, the sidespeople can direct you.  Typically this will be upstairs on the balcony or at the very back of church. 

Photography during Services

example photo taken from the back of churchWe may occasionally take photographs in our churches, which we will may display on this website, on the notice boards in our churches or on social media.  Sometimes we will take them from the back of a service (as is the one shown on the right), but in that case, we ensure there is no one identifiable.  Sometimes we will ask before we take a picture, that way if you do not want to be photographed you can move out of shot.

We will ask for consent before using any images in which anyone is identifiable.  You may recend you consent at anytime, and you can contact us to ask for us to remove any images in which you are photographed.

We take your protecting your data seriously (of which your photograph is one such piece of data).  Full details are in our privacy policy, for which there is a link on the bottom of every page on our website.

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