Our Logo

Chi-Rho​Our logo is based on the Chi-Rho, which you can see on the top of St John's tower.    The Chi-Rho is a very old christogram (a collection of letters or symbols that are an abbreviation for Jesus Christ). The Chi-Rho are the first two letters of the word Christ in Greek (The Greek word for Christ is Christos and the Greek lettering is Χριστος)

The Chi-Rho's use pre-dates Christianity, with Chi-Rho found on old greek coins from the time of Ptolemy III (246-220 BCE), it was also used by greek scholars to mean good (the greek word for good is χρηστός which also starts with the same two letters).

The Chi-Rho is sometimes drawn in a circle or with a cross.

The Chi-Rho we are using is a stylised version, with the Χ intentionally made up of four arms, to represent the 4 different churches within the benefice and all sharing the same faith.