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Fullness in Christ - Colossians

This series of studies looks at Paul's letter to the Colossians, it is believed that Paul wrote these letters whilst he was imprisoned in Rome, possibly around the year 62 CE.

Study 1: The setting
Fullness in Christ 1

Study 2: The Supremacy of Christ
Fullness in Christ 2

Study 3: Reality in Christ
Fullness in Christ 3

Study 4: Set your hearts on things above
Fullness in Christ 4

LaodiceaPaul's letter was written to the people of Colossea. Colossae was an ancient city in Asia Minor, and at one time was one of the biggest cities of southern Anatolia (which is now in modern Turkey).  Colossae was a prosperous city, built on a trade route.  It was however, destroyed by earthquakes in 17CE and 60CE, each time being rebuilt, but eventually the people relatocated to a safer area.  The image on the right is from that part of Turkey.

Marion de Quidt, July 2016

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