True Living Centre

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The True Living Centre

The True Living Centre is part of an Outreach Expression which has been set up by Rosie and her amazing team of helpers at Holdshott Farm (RG27 0JZ, Heckfield). Rosie was inspired by customers who came to the Tea Room not only needing a refreshing cup of tea, but more importantly a listening ear. One elderly gentleman in particular who sought company was Jim, he came to visit every week, ‘3 o’clock on a Tuesday’: a cup of tea and a flapjack. As time went by, the visits became more frequent. Jim became part and parcel of the Tea Room and along with many other customers, who now are dear friends. Sharing time and helping each other has become paramount.

We pray the True Living Centre (TLC) will be a place where people who are in need of company, can come and feel comfortable. A place where we can share the real meaning of life, join in with craft, old fashioned games even a little pampering.

We would like to make your day a special one, a day which is filled with Tender Loving Care, (TLC).

At present we are following the government guidelines and so numbers are limited. So with this in mind we are going to ask people to call us in advance to avoid disappointment.

Our opening times are:

Tuesday 2pm - 4pm

Wednesday 10am - 12 midday 2pm - 4pm

Thursday 10am - 12 midday 2pm - 4pm

Each week we hope to follow this pattern. Our lovely team will also offer to pray for anyone who wishes.

We will offer bottles of water and juice at the moment but hopefully once restrictions are lifted, tea and coffee will be available.

If anyone is interested would they please call: Rosie 07969897537 / Paula 07388329916

‘where none goes hungry, where none goes lonely, but all is satisfaction and joy’