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BibleWe explore our knowledge and understanding of the teachings from the Bible.  We have a number of small study groups, which you can join.  We use a variety of materials - sometimes for example during Lent or Advent, as a parish we may use a specific book, with the themes addressed in study groups or in our church sermons/talks.  Work or family schedules may mean not everyone can join our groups, or those that do may like to come back to the materials, so we share some of them here.  Sometimes we may also run a one off 'book group' type of session to discuss the book, which is aimed at those who may be unable to attend the weekly groups. 

Living his storyEach new season we embrace a new series of teaching.  Our weekly newsletters (available as a download from the Home page) will give details of the current theme - for Lent 2021 the theme is being a disciple and the Lent book we are using is Living His Story by Hannah Steele (details are on the Lent page).