Puppet Sketches

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Videos from our All Age Worship services (first Sunday in the month) - in which the puppets, Jack and Noel get confused about something, and Jill usually sorts them out.

Peace at Christmas (December 2021)

The Christmas video from Jack, Jill & Noel - in which Jack is worried about the macaroni variant..... and is looking forward to peas at Christmas....... thank goodness Noel and Jill are around to help him out!

Small steps make a difference (Oct 2021)

Jack has visited IKEA and thinks he's learnt to speak Swedish - but thank goodness Björn is around to help

Listen to the coach (July 2021)

Jack is trying to learn to play football - but needs the coach to help him work out what to do

Looking for Jesus & Living with Rowdy Squirrels (June 2021)

Noel has a squirrel issue, Jack thinks he has the solution...... but as usual they are a little wide of the mark - Jill can help