1 Timothy 2


1 timothy chapter 2Share stories of times when you have experienced closeness with God.


  • Spend moments of quiet being peaceful with one another in God’s presence.
  • Offer yourselves in prayer to be open to God speaking today.

Word for all

  1. Prayer for all. 1 Timothy 2.1-2

    What have you found helpful as you have sought to pray ‘for everyone’. Do you find resources through intercessions in church, prayer books, small groups, or the internet? Do you have any answers to prayer to share with your group?

  2. Salvation for all. 1 Timothy 2.3-7

    What is God’s desire? What does that mean to you?
    What is the significance of the life of Jesus, as described here by St Paul?
    What does the Bible say about ransom?
    Exodus 30.12; Is 44.22; Is 53.10.Matthew 20.28; 26.28. Titus 2.14; Hebrews 9.28; 1 Peter 1.18-19
    What does that mean to you in the context of 21st Century life?

  3. Mediator. 1 Timothy 2.5

    Explore the idea of a mediator – and what that person will do. Does this have meaning for you in your own faith journey? Where does Jesus fit in?How might you explain this to another person? Leaders, please do some research before your group.

  4. Truth Claims

    It would not seem to be ‘politically correct’ today to claim absolute truth. However, it may be true for us all that we are comfortable with statements of truth presented to us in gospel messages. As a group, explore together the core truths that you believe.

    If you have experience and knowledge of other faiths, you might like to compare beliefs.


Pray for the world that God has made - & its leaders as directed by Paul to Timothy
You may like to have newspapers available as resource
You may like to use prayers from Common Worship, or Prayer books as available.

If it is God’s desire that ‘all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth’ –
how might you explain the message of 1 Timothy 2.5-6 to a friend?
Will you try this week? Will you report back next week?

Rev’d Dr Marion de Quidt. Sept 2016